TiddlyWinks demo video

Here’s a quick demo of tiddlywinks. Managed to get the video in one take but the voice over took a little longer 🙂

I tried a few different programs for the screen grab:

  • CamStudio – easy to use and worked really well….until I tried to capture anything over a few seconds, then it corrupted the file every time it saved it
  • ezvid – Easy to use, simple interface actually a little too simple for me. Frustrating that you can’t actually get to your files, it manages all the saving etc. also they try to get you to use their audio which means they get to keep any advertising income from YouTube
  • Microsoft Expression encoder 4 – a free part of the no longer available Blend suite. Still available and worked pretty well. Will only capture in it’s own format which you then have to convert with the included encoder

In the end I used Expression Encoder. I’ll stick with this for the time being.


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