It’s alive!

TiddlyWinks is now live on the CraftySims website and released as a Windows 10 app Having a nightmare trying to get a Construct2 HTML export to work as a Facebook app. The examples on seem to be out of date.   Update   Finally got the Facebook app to work. It seems you can’t do them as websites anymore, you have to do a canvas. Plus it has to…

Problem solving

OK, plan for today: Make a list of all the known issues with my Tiddlywinks game. Fix any that I can’t live with Release it   I’ve been faffing around for weeks when I should have just put it out there and got some feedback

Creative timewasting

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths I can go to to find interesting things to avoid real work Top timewasters today are: Twitter Facebook Browsing WordPress themes Writing about how I’m avoiding work   Right, time to knuckle down….